COVID-19 and Patients Safety


Read the latest on our COVID-19 response

At Castle Donington Dental Care we take your safety very seriously and we make it our top priority. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have updated our safety policies, according to the guidelines introduced by the government and the Chief Dental Officer and all our members of staff have received additional training. 

  Our practice re-opened immediately after the first lockdown and since June 2020 we have been offering most of our services. However, due to the high contamination risk of aerosol generating procedures (AGPs), such as drilling, or scale and polish, we have implemented stringent policies, in order to keep everyone safe. 

What is different

  • As per the new guidelines, after any AGP, we have to allow for a 30 minute fallow time, in order to ventilate the surgery. This of course has its impact on our waiting times. This means that you may need to wait longer than usual for an appointment if you require such a treatment. 
  • Because of the above restrictions, we currently CANNOT offer a routine scale and polish on the NHS, as it is not a necessary treatment, and it would require a fallow time, which could be used for appointments for treatments that are necessary to keep our patients out of pain. In this way, we ensure that more patients will be seen for their routine check ups and for treatments that are necessary, such as fillings, root canal treatments etc. A hand scaling can be offered instead. 
  • The appointment attendance procedure has also changed. Please see our new Patient Journey protocol below. 

The measures we have taken for your safety:

  • Telephone triaging and COVID assessment prior to your appointment or for emergencies
  • Hand sanitation stations across the practice
  • Temperature taking before entering the building
  • One way circulation system and zoning of the practice
  • Social distancing 
  • Early appointments for vulnerable patients
  • Extensive PPE for the members of our stuff, especially during Aerosol Generating Procedures
  • Additional staff training
  • Reception splash guards
  • New practice policies
  • Staff vaccination
  • Contactless payments
  • Online completion of medical history and form signing
  • Air extraction system, which generates over 10 air changes per hour which has allowed us to reduce our fallow times on some occasions down to 10 minutes. 

Patient Journey Protocol

Before your appointment

  • You will be contacted via telephone to confirm whether you have any symptoms of covid 19 and are fit and well to attend for your appointment 
  • You will be asked if anyone in your household has any symptoms of Covid 19
  • We will send a medical history form to be completed before you attend for your appointment and also ask for payment over the telephone/or your exemption details so please have these to hand

On the day of your appointment

  • Please attend the practice alone or with someone from your social bubble (exception will only be given for a vulnerable patient who needs assistance) 
  • We will ask you to wait outside until the time of your appointment.
  • Once you have been told by the Nurse to enter the building we will ask you to sanitise your hands in the entrance hall using the hand sanitising gel on the wall
  • Your temperature will be taken at reception using a hand held no touch thermometer
  • You will be asked to sign your NHS forms at the desk or the surgery via the clinipad
  • You will then be taken to the surgery for the appointment 

In the surgery

  • The dentists and nurses may be wearing special PPE, including special industrial masks, gowns and visors. Although this is for everyone’s safety, if you feel nervous about it, please inform a member of our staff. 
  • You will not be able to spit into the spittoon. If you need a rinse, 2 cups will be provided to you, one containing water and an empty one for you to spit into. 

After your appointment 

  • Immediately after the appointment you will be asked to sanitise your hands again prior to leaving the surgery.
  • You will then leave the building via the backdoor that leads onto St Annes Lane
  • If you need to visit the toilet at any time, please inform one of our staff members.
  • We also ask you to not touch door handles wherever possible.
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