Nervous patients


Feeling nervous about your dental treatment? You are not alone! An outstanding 48% of patients suffer from some degree of dental phobia, mainly due to previous bad experiences, or misleading information. We are here to change this for you!

You may find visiting the dentist worrying and stressful. Very few people say they enjoy a visit to the dentist, and some of them are so afraid that they avoid coming altogether and unfortunately suffer from the problems associated with lack of care.

In our practice, we want you to feel happy to come and see us so you can receive all the care and advice you need. Our promise to you is that your visit will be all about YOU and we will tailor the treatment to your needs. We will listen, we will explain your options and we will work with you to find the best way to your happy healthy smile.

If you’re feeling nervous before your appointment, please let our friendly reception team know and they can pass this on to your dentist who will handle your case with appropriate compassion.


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