Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeover


If you are camera averted come and talk to us to find a tailored solution! From simple techniques to a combination of methods the answer may be just an enquiry away

If you have concerns with and lack confidence in your smile, it can affect your quality of life. Please come and talk to us! The aim of a smile makeover is to give you a healthy-looking smile you can feel confident about.

In a smile makeover, we use various cosmetic treatments that can improve the appearance of your teeth, gums and even your bite.

Improving your smile can be as simple as a teeth-whitening treatment, or combination of multiple treatments like teeth straightening, gum surgery, whitening, composite bonding, facial aesthetics etc.

We will have a chat about the aspects of your smile you’re unhappy with and decide on how you would like to proceed. We will present some ideas to you and go through what is involved during each step. As every patient is different, no two smile makeovers will be the same

At CastleDonington, our approach to a smile makeover will provide you with a tailored excellent aesthetic result, but also a smile that is functional and long-lasting.

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