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Teeth Whitening


If you feel that your smile has lost something of its older shine, or if you have quitted smoking and you would like to repair its effect on your teeth’s looks, we offer different options of professional teeth whitening that will make you shine again!

Tooth whitening is the simplest and least invasive way of giving your smile an upgrade! This treatment addresses discolouration that’s occurred due to factors like ageing, smoking, genetics and diet.

After an initial examination of your teeth and gums to make sure you’re a suitable patient, we’ll listen to the concerns you have about your smile and create a tailored plan just for you

If you are generally happy with the colour of your teeth overall, but concerned about a specific tooth or teeth that look darker, we can also address this issue with a treatment that is called single tooth whitening treatment and will be again tailored to the specifics of your case.

As not everyone can get the same whitening results, our receptionist can book for you a free of charge consultation with the dentist to discuss the options and the expected outcomes. Although age, level of tooth wear and dietary and smoking habits can affect the result, with the proper guidance from our dentists anyone can achieve a brighter smile!


In practice we offer two different types of whitening, Boutique® whitening and Enlighten Evolution™.


Boutique® whitening

This whitening involves using a gentle gel inside a custom fit whitening tray to change the colour of your teeth and make them whiter. You use the trays at the comfort of your home either during day time or at nighttime. We tend to recommend boutique for those who want a more natural white.


Enlighten Evolution™

This is our premium package of tooth whitening.  This treatment uses a combination of at-home treatment, and in-practice treatment and gives guaranteed results, even in the hardest whitening cases and even for those with sensitive teeth. We recommend this package for people who have sensitive teeth, those who have had previous whitening, and those who are really looking to get recognisably white teeth- think instasmile!


Why to avoid non-dental whitening products or services?

The guidelines from the General Dental Council state that teeth whitening is only allowed from qualified dental practitioners, in order for it to be safe and effective. Dentists use only approved products, that contain the recommended amount of whitening agents, that has proven to be harmless to your teeth and health. Besides, the dentist will assess your teeth prior to any whitening treatment to ensure there are no underlying decay or periodontal issues that are contraindications for tooth whitening treatment and will also tailor the treatment to your expectations. Having a whitening session from a non-dental provider, or buying online whitening products that may not be approved puts your overall health in hazard and it can also damage your teeth irreversibly.

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