Cosmetic Dentistry

White spot treatment


A peculiar problem that used to need complex treatment in the past is now easily resolved with composite infiltration!

Some people’s teeth develop white spots. These spots appear due to causes such as too much fluoride during childhood, certain childhood illnesses, or trauma to teeth at any age.

Tooth whitening products and procedures do not always help with covering up or removing these white spots. These spots may lighten a few shades along with the rest of the tooth, hence, while the entire tooth is whiter, the spots remain visible.

In the past, most dentists treated white spots using veneers or composite filling material.

Icon® White Spot Removal is the latest technology, completely non-invasive procedure that does not require any trauma inflicted on the teeth. Icon® works by resin infiltration. The dentist applies a tooth-coloured resin to the spot, which penetrates beneath the surface.

The dentist then light-cures the spot where the resin was applied. The resin changes colour to look like the surrounding enamel. The resin used has an added advantage of blocking the acids that can weaken and wear away the tooth enamel, helping prevent decay.

The process is quick, the patient experiences no discomfort and the spot becomes virtually invisible!

Please ask us if you suffer from this aesthetic concern!

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