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Dental Care for Children


Good dental hygiene and diet habits are always better to be learned at an early age. We aim to teach our young patients how to take care of their teeth and instill the habit of regular dental visits.

For young patients, visiting the dentist can make or break their future relationship with their oral and dental health.

Here at Castle Donington dental care, we’re committed to making sure your child sees the dentist as a place they feel safe and comfortable – we believe in helping them create positive associations and experiences with visiting us and we encourage good oral hygiene habits early on, in order to prevent complex interventions.

Bringing your child along to the dentist the recommended twice a year will ensure they have the right foundation to pave the way for good habits as they grow older. We like to see your children from as soon as the first baby teeth appear, or even earlier if possible, so we can provide you and your family with advice that will serve them well through their life. Our team have a great rapport with kids and look to educate and encourage at every appointment. Small amount of time invested early in life will lead to a lifetime of good teeth (and hopefully smaller dental bills!).

Unfortunately, tooth decay is still the biggest reason for hospital admissions for children under 5 in the UK. With this in mind, making sure your child never misses an appointment is paramount, both from a health point of view and to make routine appointments become second nature to them as they start taking responsibility for their own dental and oral health.

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