General Dentistry



Extractions may be needed for orthodontic reasons or as a last resort for a heavily broken down tooth. Our dental professionals will endeavour to make the experience as less daunting as possible for you.

An extraction is never the first choice, but if your tooth has sustained severe damage or infection, it may be the only choice or the most economical and predictable.

Whilst the removal of teeth can sound scary we’re confident you’ll be surprised at how comfortable it can be. Before we start we will test to ensure that you are completely numb. We will be sure to provide you with post-operative advice and instructions and we will discuss with you all possible tooth replacement options.

It is completely normal to experience slight discomfort and pressure sensation during the extraction and minor swelling and tenderness afterwards, but nothing over the counter medications can’t help with.

Regular routine check-ups are paramount for reducing and even avoiding the need for extraction.

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