General Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry


In our practice we prefer to prevent rather than treat dental problems. Prevention of dental disease is the cornerstone of our approach.

Our philosophy is very much focused around the idea of prevention, in order to reduce your chances of needing interventions.  Preventive dentistry means practising good at-home oral care, eating and drinking a well-balanced diet that limits sugary products, stopping smoking, and seeing us regularly for a professional cleaning and check-up.

We can’t stress enough how important routine check-ups are, as they allow us to address any problems (such as early signs of tooth decay or gum disease) before they require complex treatment. It’s often difficult to spot potential problems with your teeth at home in the mirror and in many cases, problems don’t cause any symptoms. In visiting us regularly, you are greatly diminishing your chances of any oral and dental health issues going unnoticed. At Castle Donington Dental Care we really want our patients to develop good habits that will last a lifetime, because once we’ve fixed your teeth we want it to last. We will therefore tailor the check ups and your at-home regime to your individual needs.

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