Restorative Dentistry



Full or partial dentures can bring your smile and confidence back and restore the function of your mouth, allowing you to enjoy your everyday life.

A removable solution for tooth loss, dentures have been popular for decades and remain so today.

Dentures can give you back your confidence, desire and ability to smile and of course, your tooth function.

We can create full arch dentures if you have lost all your teeth, or partial dentures if you still have some of your own teeth left. 

In Castle Donington Dental Care we offer a wide range of different types dentures, based on your individual needs. From conventional acrylic dentures, to crome-cobalt (metal) dentures and dentures retained by dental implants, we will ensure that you will have the denture that will feel more natural and more comfortable to you.

Flexible dentures are a relatively new type of dentures which combines the aesthetics of an acrylic denture with the stability and retention of a metal denture. Made from a special soft and flexible material, they offer excellent retention without the need of metal clasps to support them on your natural teeth, which could very often show when you smile.

Benefits of a denture:

  • They are normally much more economical than a fixed restoration such as a bridge or an implant
  • The fabrication procedure requires only a few very short appointments
  • There are no invasive procedures involved
  • They can be easily repaired if needed
  • They offer quite good aesthetic results

The Process

After an initial consultation appointment, we will take moulds of your teeth which are then used to design your custom made dentures. There are a few steps between the initial impressions and the fit and this is so we can communicate with the lab regarding the specifics of your case and try everything on each stage.  The dental laboratory will use all this information to hand-craft your dentures. 

When you dentures are ready, we’ll invite you back to have them fitted and perform any adjustments. Like a new pair of shoes the adjustments may need to be done over a few appointments.

Dentures have come a long way over the past few decades. Today, there are different materials we can use and they can be made more comfortable and tailored to suit the unique characteristics of your smile. From traditional acrylic dentures, to high-end crome-cobalt (metal) dentures, and even dentures made from flexible materials or supported by dental implants, we will find the one that will be best for you. 

If you have had a denture before, or you are not happy with your existing denture, we will be able to offer you alternative options. Of course, each case is unique and what may be best for you, may not be ideal for someone else, so a full assessment will need to be made. 

Just ask us!

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